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Sellstate Real Estate Academy Online Training Center


Welcome to the Sellstate Real Estate Training Academy online training career program! You are about to enter the exciting world of real estate and learn the skills required to become a real estate agent/Broker Associate. A real estate agent/Broker Associate has to be very knowledgeable and our course will get you started.

We offer online training courses using DORA - Department of Regulatory Agencies recognized curriculum and even guaranteed you placement with a broker upon passing the state exam. If you decide to continue on the education path after the state exam, we offer our CAP - Career Acceleration Program. This program will assist you to become an amazing agent in the field.

Once you enroll in Sellstate Real Estate Training Academy online training career program, we offer you support for one year. You should have easily completed all courses within the year. If you do not complete the courses within the year time frame and require additional support, you can extend support hours for a nominal fee.


On-line 168 Hour Exclusive Hybrid Colorado Broker

 Pre-licensing Courses

Sellstate Real Estate Academy will provide to you the state required 168 hours of pre-licensing education on-line. Additionally you may also attend at our Westminster office eight (8) live hours per month in four (4) sessions of classroom study for assistance and "Questions and Answers" (QA).

So exactly how does an online training program work?

The Sellstate Real Estate Training Academy online course is a combination of online with optional live training. Your online training materials include:

  • On-line manuals
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Optional live classes on Saturdays from 10 - 12 to meet with an instructor to take pre-test and ask questions!! Offered only at our Westminster office.

  • You will have access to the online “Academy” where the Course Syllabus for each module is located to guide you along. Each course offers activities which include:
  • Course review videos
  • Review questions
  • Additional handouts
  • Tests

One of the major advantages of taking a course via the internet is that it is "time and place" independent. This means that you can "attend class" any time at home, work, school, or elsewhere. There are no scheduled class meeting times with this program. We know with busy schedules it’s hard to “attend class” at a certain time. The online real estate agent course has included within the curriculum all the recorded training class sessions to help you learn how to pass the state real estate exam. You can read or view these recorded sessions at any time and review multiple times. You just need access to a computer with internet access. 

To be successful in this course method you need to establish good study skill habits.

  • Schedule your “class” time weekly, just as if you were physically coming to class.
  • Try to do all of your online work and study in the same place.
  • Establish a schedule of when you will be online and when you will study. Stick to that schedule.
  • Schedule your learning when you will not be interrupted.
  • Take the pre-exams to make sure you are ready to move onto the next module.
  • A successful distance-learning student will understand the importance of following a schedule.

There are many advantages to participating in an online course. Some include:

  • A distance-learning course can be done anywhere and anytime.
  • Students save money, no commuting to class, no childcare and travel expenses.
  • Distance-learning takes advantage of new technologies and encourages students to be innovative.
  • Students who are motivated and/or quick learners can move ahead at a faster rate.

How quickly can you complete the courses? You work at your own pace but here are some examples;

Realistic schedule: Study two (2) hours per day, complete course in four (4) months (16 Weeks) - and with option 2 you would save $760 off regular tuition!

Manageable schedule: Study three (3) hours per day, complete course in under three (3) months (11 Weeks) and with option 2 you would save $795 off a regular tuition

Aggressive schedule: Study four (4) hours per day, complete course in two (2) months (8 Weeks) and with option 2 you would save $830 off a regular tuition!!!

Super Star schedule: Study 8 hours per day, complete course in one month (4 Weeks) and with option 2 you would save $865 off a regular tuition!!!

Once you complete the program you will receive a Certificate of Completion from the Sellstate Real Estate Academy powered by A+ Real Estate School.

Tuition Value $900

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One year to complete the course ($601 Savings)

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$35 per month until you pass

and receive your REC-35 Certificate

Limited to One Year and save $480 or more if you finish early

If you decide real estate is not for you....no problem

you can cancel at anytime. You owe nothing more

but there are no pro-rations and no reimbursements.

Guaranteed placement with a brokerage upon completion and passing the final test!

Optional reading materials can be purchased from the school for $125.

Call Amy at 303-531-0400 for more details or fill out the form start today!


See what our students & agents are saying about Sellstate!

Brett Weller


Sellstate has been an amazing company to me from the very start. What can I say, I immediately felt at home the minute I was introduced to the office. Everything from the people who work there, to the training classes are all amazing. Would highly recommend this company!


Rodney Salazar


I am proud to be part of the team at Sellstate ACE Realty. John has put together a strong team to ensure the success of his agents and is himself a valuable resource to every agent in his office. Sellstate is without a doubt the best company I've worked for, thanks for the opportunity!


Judy Gonzales


I have been with a couple of difference brokerage, but when walking into the the office of Sellstate ACE Realty I knew I was home for good. The brokerage support and the classes that the office provides is top notch. the brokers are always available to answer any questions or concerns that you may have. this is a great fit for me.


Mary Ann Curtis


Sellstate ACE Realty is a great company to be a part of. Their support of their agents is outstanding. They offer great education and resources to be a successful realtor.


Andrea Martinez

Broker Associate

It is not hard to recommend Sellstate. I have been part of the team since 2014. I've had the pleasure of being mentored by Brett Felz who not only is thourogh when helping out with contracts but always has great advice. John Werkmeister and Kathie Young are extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and are always available if needed. I cannot leave out Amy who is so good at being the point person for all questions administrative related, and just getting the job done. I'm glad to be a part of this professional fun team.


Bret Pachello


Sellstate Ace Realty is a great place to work! John, Brett and all the other people that work there are very helpful and interested in insuring that all are successful. If I could go back in time I would of started with Sellstate from the beginning. The company is one of the finest companies that I've ever been associated with. I highly recommend them to everyone I encounter. 
Bret Pachello


Darin Quinlan

Associate Broker

Absolutely fantastic place to work! Friendly colleagues who don't hesitate to answer questions or to help with anything you may need.


Gloria Hendricks


I was working as an independent Real Estate Broker after moving from Miami, With 17 years of experience at that time, and productive years with my home Real Estate Firm in Miami. When I met the Broker Owner John and his team I felt that I had found my place and I was welcomed into a friendly and professional environment. Sellstate provided me the help and support with the means to succeed in Colorado. Sellstate has great conference rooms, the latest technology and more. Since joining Sellstate I continue to grow & improve my business model & success.


Linda White

Associate Broker

From the moment I interviewed John, I knew I wanted to be a part of Sellstate. His vision for the company and the passion that he has for all things real estate has really been an inspiration to me. Our meetings are never boring, always full of the latest topics, and information that helps me grow my own career. And speaking of growing, within a few months of joining the office, walls were being blown out, new square footage was added and a beautiful new office space was born. We have great conference rooms, all the latest technology and room for everyone. The mentor program is top notch, with all the tools and advice to succeed. I truly couldn't be happier with Sellstate ACE Realty


Ian Pollock

Broker Associate

I came to Sellstate ACE Realty a little over 2 years ago from KW having had my license for just 6 months. It was a huge switch for me as education and support was/is very important to me as a newer agent. Sellstate ACE Realty has exceeded my expectations in these areas and it feels a lot more like a supportive family who are always approachable and understanding. Someone is always available to answer any questions I have or for guidance, and Sellstate's national site for their agents is an incredible resource both for training and guidance on how to grow your business. I'm so glad I made the move for those reasons, but knowing that I get all of this AND get to keep almost 30% MORE of each commission than I did previously makes it even better!


Adine Thoreen

Realtor/Associate Broker

I immediately loved the culture of Sellstate. John and Brett do a wonderful job of nurturing, mentoring and coaching. They make every agent feel an integral part of the Sellstate Team. The culture is positive and energetic. I LOVE IT!!


Kevin Rodriguez


Sellstate ACE Realty is amazing! The help and support you get from everyone here is great! From the owner, the managing broker, secretary, and even from other agents! It feels like you're at home at all times. I had worked with another company before coming to Sellstate and I can assure you that they did not give me nearly as much support as Sellstate does. This company wants to see every agent grow their business and they know that the only way they can do that is by giving every agent a step by step plan that is proven to help them succeed.


Denise Bonati


I moved to Sellstate ACE Realty in February of this year. I was looking for an office that had great staff support and leadership that I could rely on for growing my business. I found it in Sellstate ACE realty, it was nice to see some familiar faces from my KW days I felt right at home! I appreciate all John's experience and success in the Real Estate Industry and his willingness to share his wealth of knowledge. The Sellstate business model is very innovative giving me the opportunity for growth and residual income that I have not found in the 2 previous companies I have been with.


Danelle Cortez


I have been in the business for over 10 years and after meeting with John and Brett. I immediately felt welcome to the office/team and liked what they have to offer their agents. The classes and tools that they offer to get your business going are wonderful. I look forward to a long term business relationship with Sellstate ACE Realty.


Christina Treadwell


From the moment I walked through the doors of the Sellstate ACE office, I felt right at home. John, the owner, welcomed me with his enthusiasm and charming personality. The whole office was buzzing with energy and enthusiasm. I had several options for where I was going to start my new career but after interviewing with Sellstate there was no question as to where I was going to receive the most help. Between their Mentor program and all the extra classes I knew I was on the path to success. Thank you Sellstate for being my new Home away from home.


Hillary Kulkarni


I have been with Sellstate going on 2 years now. They have provided excellent training and mentorship, that has given me the confidence to grow my business and become successful. Brett and John are always there to help and give advice when needed.


Milos Tomic

Broker Associate

SellState Ace Realty really offers an excellent, reliable and top quality service.


Rosie Duran

Real Estate Agent

December will be my 1 year Anniversary at Sellstate Ace Realty . I am so Happy! I have worked for several of the major Real Estate companies and none of them have been so ready to help me succeed. The Training / Mentor program is excellent. 

I cannot say enough good things about my mentor, Brett Felz. He has always been there for me to answer questions and help me move forward with my transactions. He is super nice and very knowledgeable. 

There are several group meetings available to help you keep growing. I would not think twice about joining Sellstate again. 

The office environment is great, Agents are friendly and ready to help each other. I would totally recommend Sellstate as a great place to work.


Brian Dodge


I recently received my real estate license, my second interview was with Brett Felz. My wife Crystal and I interviewed together and never felt more welcome. Everybody was completely on our side with our vision of doing this together. My first week, as crazy as it felt, Amy was there to help me get everything setup and she went beyond what I would ever expect just to get me going and is always willing to help with a smile. I was fortunate enough to make my first offer this week and everyone was there to assist me in anything I needed. That means a lot to me, to have a team support me like Sellstate ACE Realty does. With all the education that we have received thus far I know we will be successful as will anyone else who joins.


Megan Ball-Rosenbrock


I have been with SellState for 1 year and never have felt so welcome! Anytime I need assistance I get all the help I need. Everyone is here to help each other and genuinely cares about the success of one another. The compensation and AAD program is the best I have seen in the industry.


Moses 'Sonny' Valdez


I have been with Sellstate ACE Realty for 2yrs now and I can truly say after being with several other big name companies Sellstate by far is the best company Ive worked for in my 15+ yrs of selling real estate. 
Its just what the company has to offer to us agents but the people that run the office including our managing broker, the support staff & management not to forget all the other agents together offers a very comfortable and successful atmosphere. I am very happy with my decision to join this company only wish I could have moved here sooner. 

Thank You 
Moses 'Sonny' Valdez 


Scott Johnson

Associate Broker

I have been in Real Estate for over 16 years have been a Broker with Coldwell Banker, ReMax and Keller Williams. I have been very impressed with Sellstate Ace Realty! I have been treated with respect and feel I am important part of the office! 
I am very impressed with John, Kathy and Brett! They are very professional and care about you and your business! The AAD program is MUCH better than other companies so called "Profit Sharing." Sellstate's AAD is a true retirement income! The bottom line is: I have made more money with Sellstate than any other Real Estate company before! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!


Sally Gallegos

Broker Associate

I have been with Sellstate going on two years. In my two years I have been very successful and I owe that to John and Brett. They provided great training to be successful and the tools to grow my business. Also we have a team team of Real estate agents that also do training and provide support to everyone. I would not be where I am today without Sellstate and the AMAZING team we have!


Seth Williamson

Associate Broker

Since Day 1, every member of the Sellstate ACE team has been supportive and encouraging. Not only does this company have the technology and knowledge to succeed, but also the experience and understanding to see the whole picture of every transaction. Whether it is the Office Coordinator or Managing Broker, the team at Sellstate ACE always give me a prompt and thorough answer or solution to any questions I have. The teamwork I see on a daily basis never ceases to impress me!


Glenda Brewster

Broker Associate

I started my real estate career in what I call the big box companies. I struggled getting training & guidance, I felt like a number. An agent friend suggested I speak with John at Sellstate. I spent an hour with John explaining the splits, office cost, training program and his vision of the company’s growth. I left that office feeling like I could become successful in this ever changing real estate business. I moved my license that day; I have been with Sellstate 5 years & have not been disappointed : I have gained a successful business, more confidence, greater knowledge & a team of agents that work together to help each other become the best. If you any doubts of what you’re getting out of your real estate business take the time to visit Sellstate. It’s well worth the hour. 


Brett Felz

Managing Broker

I have been with Sellstate for over 5 years now and am so lucky I am able to call this home. Sellstate is the real deal offering everything to agent that will allow them to succeed. From a full technology package, to excellent commission splits, full training and continuous education, an office culture stronger than ever, and your very own retirement program makes this company the best in the industry! 

In 5 short years I went from a broker associate knowing no one in the area, to top producing within the company, and now having ownership in numerous Sellstate Brokerage locations. The sky truly is the limit with this company!


Deborah Portararo

Broker Associate

I have been in the business over 25 years and joined Sellstate Ace Realty as I saw the opportunities of a growing company that no one else offers. They have a business plan that is second to none in the industry. They have far exceeded all expectations on the technology they offer, the education they offer, and the tools to help an agent excel in the business. Their commission splits and opportunities to grow are exceptional. The camaraderie amongst the agents in the office is incredible with the amount of energy and fun. The business model they offer is superb and I am proud to be a part of Sellstate.


Kathie Y


Sellstate ACE Realty is an AMAZING R.E. Brokerage! There is a fun and energetic culture, amazing support and GREAT splits! I don’t know of another brokerage that offers programs from cradle to success; from a Real Estate School to mentoring and training to how to build a team to purchasing your own Brokerage. Sellstate truly does help you grow your business to your next levels of success!

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