Sellstate's Real Estate Career Ladder -- Cradle to Success!

Where are you on the ladder of your real estate career?

Need a license?
We offer the best hybrid real estate school in the industry! It entails the Department of Regulatory Agency's mandatory 168 hours of online courses (letting you work at your own pace), plus live classes (taught by a seasoned licensed broker) every Saturday to assist you with pre-testing and giving you the answers to those problem questions that you need answered! We actually have a program that will allow you to get your education for Free!

Go to to get started today!

Need school reimbursement?
Are you already in school? We've got a full ride reimbursement program for you! Call for details on how to get education for Free!

Need a mentor?
Are you fresh out of real estate school and just passed the test? Our Master's Program teaches you step by step on how to build your career. You better come ready to work (and succeed) as this course is a week-long. There are three different instructors covering all aspects of getting your real estate career going and comes with plenty of homework. . have to make a decision are you going to "try real estate" or are you going "do real estate"!

Need to jump-start your career?
Is your career experiencing a hiccup, road rash or worse a death spiral? The eight week “Career Acceleration Program” is just what you are looking for. Other companies advertise that they have "leads". Their hopes are to make you dependent upon them! We approach it completely different, we give you the tools and teach you how to create your own lead programs!! This allows you to take advantage of our mega aggressive splits!

Need a coach?
Do you want to learn from the best? Our coaches’ resumes:
Award winning brokers
Recognized by the Wall Street Journal for being in the top 100 in the nation
Years. . .. . .decades of experience

Need a great environment?
Everybody brags about their office environment so what could possibly set us apart? It's our agents!!! Click here to see their Sellstate testimonials and what they are saying about us!

Need aggressive splits?
Oh yeah. . .. . .. . ..we have them!!! But so do lots of other companies. So what sets us apart from them? Tools, Education, Support and something so amazing other companies are trying to figure out how we do it! We actually have a 100+% commission plan!

Need a website?
We don't just give our agents a page on the company site, we give them a mobile optimized, IDX compatible, customizable website powered by the latest 'Fusion' technology! We don't stop there, we also give our agents their own virtual assistant! The assistant has a CRM, e-mail drip campaigns, social media integration, brochure campaigns plus a fully personalized CMA presentation for both buyers and sellers to set them apart from the crowd!

Need a retirement plan?
How many real estate companies offer a retirement plan? We do! Our "Agent Asset Development Program" not only gives you residual income while you work, it also gives you security when you retire. This program is so powerful it also gives you peace of mind as it is "willable" to your heirs. Check it out at :

Need a savings plan --- not an office bill?
Most companies prey on you making money off their agents monthly. We are business partners with our brokers and do not have an office bill! Our office savings plan pays for your Realtor dues, office expenses, website, E&O insurance plus much more!

Need to build a team?
We have one of the top team building coaches in the country. He has built teams in Colorado and California and now is teaching Sellstate agents how to do the same. If your goal is to be in the top ONE Percent (1%) in the country then you need to learn from someone that has done it!

Need to be your own boss?
Real Estate is one of the most rewarding careers there is, allowing you be your own boss, create your own destiny and the income is unlimited. Sellstate takes the everyday burdens off your shoulders and allows you to grow your business!

Dream of having your own brokerage?
When the time comes, you've built your lead programs, you've built your team, and then the next step is to open your own brokerage. We are growing quickly in Colorado and nationally, but we do still have some prime territories available. Whether you want to plan for the future or open one today, we can help you fulfill your dreams! Go to

For even more information on Sellstate go to

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